Move in with us:
Become a housemate

Move in with us!

On the 22nd of September we opened the doors to the 100 Day House. Until the 31st of December 2017 our doors will stay open. After that we will shut down the lights again.

To turn this house into a home, we are looking for housemates!

As a housemate, you will receive a special edition key that will give you access to enter EVERYTHING* within the 100 Day House 2017.

Become a housemate

Housemate (discount)

We want to make the 100-Day House as accessible as possible for everyone. If 100 euro is, for whatever reason, too much for you, there is also the option to become a housemate for 50 euro. There is not any difference in what you get, nor is it public. We just ask you to make a decision yourself what is reasonable for you and we are happy to subsequently welcome you.

Housemate (plus)

€100+ Housemate if you are the kind of housemate who wishes to give a little extra, we kindly welcome your donation in support of the 100-Day House. You can simply fill in the amount - but if you would first like more info and hear about the possible ways on how we would express our gratitude, feel free to contact us at We are most happy to have conversations about it! Good to know; this is tax deductible thanks to the fantastic Geefwet and to our ANBI-status.

A housemate:

The Veem House for Performance invites you to become a Housemate! Your special edition Housemate key gives you access to:

  • ALL ACTIVITIES Including performances (from Mårten Spånberg to Oneka von Schrader), reading and research groups, book launches, lectures,  yoga sessions. You can simply use your key to join us; no extra charges or additional tickets necessary*
  • A special Housemates housewarming
  • The latest updates and insights during the 100-Day House
  • An Invitation to special housemate events; have your say on the future of the Veem House.
* Access to events, depends as usual on availability.